Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Raising G.R.A.C.E.

In the land of retail, the holidays strolled weeks ago amid piles of cardboard, glitter that lost its place, and an excitement for the pending season, that was quickly swallowed up by days of tagging and unwrapping.  I have been bedazzled, be-burlaped, be-glittered. I have driven home covered in stickers and tags - what a bargain. Throw me a coupon and I might be yours. Nevertheless, we managed to get done with the store and launch a brand which has found its way to 6 new stores in just a few weeks. 

I am blessed with opportunity I refuse to take for granted. The stubborn cowgirl in my suitcase. In the midst of all the recent chaos, multi-tasking and planning,  along came G.R.A.C.E. - a solution and an opportunity.  I would love your thoughts and feedback, as we begin to evolve and develop. Like an old house with great bones - I see potential. 

G.R.A.C.E. - 
Giving Real Artists A Chance (at) Entrepreneurship

Cowgirl Yes. Graceful probably not. Me- raising Freckled Laundry totes in our store. 
Grace is an artisan cooperative directed by Boots & Pearls to give women artists, designers, and crafters an opportunity at entrepreneurship.  As we expand our brand to include new lines, primarily in jewelry and women's accessories (scarves, belts, totes, purses, hair access), we are heading to the heart of America to find the gifts, passions and talents of real women.  Our goal is provide a means of working as a collaborative team of nationwide talent to create, inspire and expand the lines and branding of Boots & Pearls. In addition, we are providing a real source of income, an outlet for creativity, and an opportunity to go wholesale without the complexity of dealing with multiple companies. We are also infusing Economic development by utilizing our homegrown resources rather than importing overseas.  Our goal is to develop and foster successful partnerships with selected vendors and enable their products to be sold in higher volume, and more importantly, have their name as a part of our brand. They grow as we grow.  

We are hoping to launch the campaign in early 2013. During that time, applicants may submit a sample product and application for evaluation into our line in hopes for making the summer markets.  We will select our team based on cohesive fit of product into line, pricing, production capacity, overall concept and creativeness, and most of all quality and craftsmanship.

Our brand expansion depends on our ability to find great talent, and pull it all together GRACEfully. This Southern Farmgirl will try my best. Glitter and burlap and stickers and all. 

More to come, more to share, and thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement!
Happy Thanksgiving from Boots & Pearls!


  1. :) Sounds like a wonderful thing - you just might find me filling out an application!
    And those bags look oh so familiar! I am the seamstress who helped Jamie out with those!

  2. I love this idea! (And really love the name!) I have had this same idea floating around in my head since early 2011 when I was presented with the opportunity to take space in 2 retail shops. I then became so busy that it was put on the back burner.

    I would love to know more. Especially if you are looking for someone in the northeast - New England area.